THE FIRST 100 DAYS: Executive Round Table with Business, Industry & Educational Leaders

“It’s important that we all understand the impact that public and governmental leaders make on our economic environment. Business and industry leaders will come together to discuss their industries and the potential impact of the first 100 day agenda on growing jobs and improving our economic outlook…”

Political leader actions, words, and behavior: A content analysis of the Common Core debate

This study presents a model for understanding political leadership based upon the processes that influence and thereby shape political leaders’ types, as captured in their own words and behaviors on digital recordings, official documents, press releases, the media, and twitter on the public record.

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4 Ways to Debunk Political Rhetoric and Personal Agendas in Today’s Media

Today, more than at any time in our nation’s history, the people have the opportunity to turn off the noise and research their own issues, candidates and political parties. The American people now have the wherewithal to demand the news from credible sources from all mass media forms. Whether you get your news from television, […]

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Campaigns, Dirty Tricks & Election Engineering

Campaigning is tough business. It takes someone with a lot of inner strength, a lot of community connections and a bit of money to make a solid run for office. Those of us who run “grassroots campaigns” understand just how difficult the road is for those who play by the rules. Yet there exists a […]

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The Politics of Policy: How Leadership Influences Implementation

This is the Formal Proposition Paper provided to the Midwest Academy of Management. This document is a work in progress and as such is the copywritten property of Terri McCormick. Please write for permission to cite the document at We would like to know how you will be applying this work citation in your […]

Terri McCormick to Appear on the 4th Street Forum on Wednesday, October 22nd

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd, 3pm: 4th Street Forum on the Road This Week In Collaboration with the Clausen Center for World Business Join the audience at Carthage College, Hedberg Labrary’s Niemann Theatre, 2001 Alford Park Drive, Kenosha, 53140 ELECTION 2014 CONTINUES Part1: “The U.S. Senate – A Shift in the Majority Ahead?” Part 2: “The Governor’s […]

Political Personalities and Male Stereotypes

There are several theories and stereotypes of men in politics, just as there are with their women counterparts. Consider the following: THE NAPOLEON COMPLEX One could argue that the Napoleon complex, an insecurity born out of being “vertically challenged,” is a relevant political archetype that affects men—and perhaps some women—who serve in government. Napoleon, who […]

A Comprehensive Review: What Sex Is A Republican?

What is the truth about politics in the United States? What can you do to make it better? Read this book and find out. Terri McCormick did what few politicians do. She wrote this a book to tell the truth and offer positive fixes for a broken system. There are many politician-written books on the […]

What Sex is a Republican?

Absence of Outrage

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Terri McCormick book

There is only one way to change things: we the people need to vote for leaders who will represent us. And I do mean vote.  Without citizen leaders who are elected to serve the people back home, we will continue as a pseudo-democracy resembling monkeys playing in circus tents. What we the people need to remember is how to restore the great experiment of democracy that was once placed in that shining city on the hill. None of this may surprise you. You may be thinking this is just one more story of... more

The Loss of a Republican Governor

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Corruption in Politics

Little did I know that the Republican Party of my state, along with house assembly “leaders,” would take out its own sitting governor. These same leaders would be investigated and indicted within the same month for felony misuse of public office. This was more than simple “sibling rivalry”—it was something far more brutal. It involved Republican leaders smearing the reputation of their own political party’s governor and then ruining any future career he might have in public office. I... more

School choice

Evidence shows constructive district reactions to presence of charter schools in urban districts The McCormick Standard strongly recommends this article for the sake of an ‘honest’ dialogue about the future of public education in the United States. (Reposted from Charter school enrollment in urban areas has increased by 59 percent in the past 6 years, and their presence is inducing traditional public schools to respond, innovate, and look for improvement. Although some districts... more

Pension Wealth Peaks at 55

The McCormick Standard strongly recommends this article for the sake of an ‘honest’ dialogue about the future of public education in the United States. Beginning teachers subsidize handsome payoffs to superintendents, guardians of the public interest (Reposted from The costs of retiree benefits for educators, including benefits for previous retirees, are consuming a large and growing share of public spending on K–12 education. Between 2004 and 2012, pension costs for public... more

My Role Model in Public Office

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Role Model

Soul-searching took me to my first inspiration and role model in political office, Representative Earl McEssy. It was this man’s act of kindness after my father had died that lingers with me still. “Go to Representative McEssy if you or Mom need me after I am gone,” Dad told me when he knew that his death was certain. I remember standing in the hallway of Rep. McEssy’s large home on Forest Avenue, just down the block from ours. It was there that I would find the help my mother needed. It... more

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