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Posted by Terri McCormick On May - 5 - 2009

Re: What Sex is a Republican, Stories from the Front Lines of American Politics and how You can change the way things are.

– Former Representative Terri McCormick, Author. (View author bio here.) Click here to schedule a book signing or event with Terri McCormick.

Here’s What Readers Are Saying About “What Sex Is a Republican?”

“Written for the average citizen! Highly readable! If a person has a place inside to become a leader, this book will certainly inspire leadership. I’d call it a book for the average voter who wants to understand “What the heck happened to our government for the people?” What Sex Is A Republican? … Answers it.”

– Larry Bilotta
Life Discoveries Inc.
Neenah, Wisconsin


With What Sex is a Republican?

Terri brings us inside the political world and exposes us to the ugly side of party politics. From sexism to bribery, the book shows politicians behaving badly as the norm, not the exception we’ve always hoped. Terri inspires all of us to reject politics as usual and to become leaders who fight for change, not those who blindly follow the status quo. This book should be required reading in all political science classrooms.

Terri writes from the heart. Her accounts of corruption in politics come with lessons on how we as a society can affect change and create a better government. As one who tried to change things from inside the chambers, she is exactly the person to deliver the message to the masses – government “business as usual” is unacceptable, and we can create the change necessary to bring our politics back in line with what our forefathers envisioned.

– Lori Widmer
Writer, editor, and author of numerous business articles.
Valley Forge, PA


“The insight and depth of understanding presented on the pages of ‘What Sex is a Republican, Stories from the Front Lines of American Politics and how You can change the way things are,’ is a must read for anyone going into a voting booth, or considering a run for public office.”

– Mark Ellis
Community Volunteer and Activist


“Terri’s credentials and background speak for themselves. Her ability to talk to the people and stand on their side is a national first that bears repeating.”

– Dan Davies, Owner Davies Russell Communications
Offices in Wisconsin, Spielberg Award Winning Producer


“In ‘What Sex is a Republican?’ Terri describes her experiences in very human terms, but she doesn’t leave it there. Politics isn’t a soap opera, after all; it is the legacy of our forefathers and the promise of our future. While she wrenches the moral gut with her description of the poisoned process, she holds her lens far enough from the crime scene to show us the vulnerability of those in control. Ultimately – obviously, appropriately – it is we the people who can fix these problems”

– Tony Seton – Seton Communications
Award-winning journalist Tony Seton produced coverage of Watergate, six elections, Barbara Walters’ news interviews, and business/economics news, primarily for ABC.
Monterey, California


“Isn’t honesty  refreshing and  a slap in the face! Terri McCormick is America’s wake up call.  We have all been sleeping through years of political transgressions and it is time we embrace what our  Government was established to be “For the People and By the People.”  What Sex is a Republican  is a must read for all of America.  It is time America, to take back control of your Government.

“Terri has written what others only think about.  Bravo for being brave enough to shake the political tree.  It is about time America wakes up to the reality of our crumbling government system and the reasons why.  What Sex is a Republican answers the questions we don’t dare ask.  Embrace this book with all of your heart and then go out and make a difference.”

One person can make a difference!  Terri has written a masterpiece of inspiration that will make all of America remember what fundamental rights this Country was founded on.  There is not one political office that is not accountable to the people.  When power and corruption veils the true purpose of our Government, it is time for the people to take action.  What Sex is a Republican  is the catalyst for that action.

– Dawn L. Nowakowski
Print Graphics


“Not only is this book inspirational to all of us who care about our nation and the people in it, ‘What Sex is a Republican,’ took me back to what it is really like in American Politics. WE need to change the way our political system works, or we will be doomed to repeat the politics of the past.”

– Judith Krawczyk
Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Former State Representative


“Just when you thought politics was all about Elephants and Donkeys … In walks the Political Class! Loved the book – finally someone is talking the truth about who has hijacked our government and how we can get it back on track.”

– Steven Russell
Owner and Producer Davies Russell Productions


Purpose of The Book


The personal flaws of greed and corruption have ushered in an Era of Irresponsibility. The United States Constitution and an engaged citizenry will put an end to this era. Our Constitution contains the rules of the political game! It is high time we read these documents and use them in our classrooms and homes across America. They guarantee our rights against an overzealous government run by the most dysfunctional leaders our nation has ever known. How else do we explain the present day incompetence and gall of many tenured politicians to cast blame on others, for the problems they themselves have created?

As Charlie Reese formally with the Orlando Sentinel Star so aptly writes in his last column, ‘Goodbye,’ “there are no insolvable government problems, instead the 545 individuals (435 house, 100 senate, one president, nine justices) running our government are the problem.”

There is no question that many of the political class have lost their way, and we have lost faith in them. Under constitutional authority the congress sets the budget, approves the budget and can veto override a budget; they regulate our banks, they have sustained unfair tax codes, chartered a federal bank regulating our currency, and provided consent to our president to send our Army, Navy, Air force and Marines to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lobbyists don’t hold a gun to the heads of lawmakers who choose to take bribes of money, home loans, and other gifts in exchange for their votes. The people in our federal government and 50 legislatures in our state capitols choose or do not choose to be corrupt and unprincipled. We need to support those courageous policy makers who put their constituents first and work from a core set of values.

Chuck Todd told the National Counties Association assembled in Washington on March 9, 2009, “if you want to see corrupt – look inside the state capitols across this country.” The stories to follow,  from the Front Lines of American Politics show that Illinois Governor Blagojevich has contemporaries. ‘We the people’ are needed to make sure they have counterparts.

The political class, an ‘entitlement class’ receives lobby funded ski trips, golfing trips, free rides on corporate jets, and box seats for sporting tickets. What makes us think that education, health care, energy, jobs and the banking crisis will all be solved by those who could not solve these problems ten years ago? Could the special home loans from Countrywide, the contributions from Sallie Mae and AIG lobbyists have something to do with their inability to solve America’s problems?

Do not be bamboozled into thinking that there is any difference between the elites in one political party over the elites in the other they are all a part of the same club.

What Sex is a Republican takes on the political class and provides us with the tools to change the way things are. Just when you thought it was all about elephants and donkeys in walks the political class. Will the political class continue to con America?  Or won’t they?

It is all up to You!

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.
– Alexis De Tocqueville

Additional Comments about the Author

“Terri McCormick is one of that rare breed of political leader who insists on integrity in the process. She sees the role as purposeful, to benefit the common weal, and to do so honestly and effectively for the public gain rather than her own.” July 23, 2008

– Tony Seton , Executive Producer, Tony Seton Communications

“Terri McCormick is damn honest! In today’s society in which honesty has been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, Terri’s forthright dedication to the truth is refreshing and much needed. She tirelessly works towards perfection for herself and all of her clients. I am very proud to be associated with her.” July 23, 2008

– Dan Davies , Co-Owner/President, Davies-Russell, LLC

“As a former business owner and non profit board president, I know leadership and policy skills when I see it. Terri McCormick’s work in business and in public policy is of the highest caliber. She is one of the brightest policy writers and reformers that the State of Wisconsin has ever seen. I never hesitated to go to her for advice, counsel and policy solutions to difficult problems.”

– Representative Judy Krawczyk, Republican Colleague Wisconsin State Legislature

“Terri McCormick’s Solutions included a competitive prescription drug purchasing pool, saving the State of WI taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Former Rep. McCormick wrote the first charter school law even before she served in the legislature which now holds over 25,000 students in charter schools in Wisconsin alone. Terri has had many firsts including; the first justice bill for indigent defense, and the first small business regulation reform bill in the United States. Terri McCormick exemplifies leadership in every sense of the word.”

– Representative Karl Van Roy, Republican Colleague Wisconsin State Legislature

“Terri does what is right, not what is necessarily popular. Terri refuses to tolerate corrupt practices. Terri is intelligent, creative, innovative, and tough. I learned a lot from Terri, she was a valuable mentor.”
December 10, 2008

– Sarah Schneider , Outagamie County Coordinator, Terri McCormick for Congress

“Terri McCormick is one of those rare politicians who kept her integrity and humanity. She will ply many paths in the years to come, always with a foundation of character and purpose.” August 20, 2008

– Tony Seton , Executive Producer, Tony Seton Communications

“Terri is well known for being extremely talented and sharp. She drives change and gets results. During her time in the legislature, her dedication and passion towards her constituents were clearly demonstrated by her support, and through the recommendations she made. She clearly understood her priorities; her community! I would hire Terri without hesitation.” July 23, 2008

– Estella Caputo , Director, AT&T


Terri’s interests include; collecting ‘Innovative Ideas that push the envelope,’ and working toward ‘Solutions that promote worthwhile causes;’ in education and the economy. She has a natural love of American Jazz and Classical Music that continually uplifts and replenishes her spirit for creativity. Terri loves to play and compose at the piano and works best when she is surrounded with the music of composers and performers such as; Aaron Copland, Claude Debussy, Rimsky Korsakov, Nora Jones, Harry Connick Jr., and Diana Krull. Terri enjoys the classical standards of jazz as well as the classics of Vivaldi, Stravinsky, and Mozart. Always on the look out for new and awe-inspiring talent, Terri has been known to take in a few Montgomery Gentry and Diamond Rio concerts as well.

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– University of Wisconsin Truman Scholar, Guardian of Small Business National Federation of Business 2002-2004, 2004-2006, Eisenberg Award Recipient Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office 2005, Scales of Justice Award Recipient State Bar of Wisconsin 2006, United States Small Business Administration Most Innovative Public Policy for WI Small Business Regulation Reform 1996

– University of Wisconsin at Fond du Lac, UW-Oshkosh and UW-Madison,

– The University of Windsor, Windsor Ontario Canada

– The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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