Political Gender Hierarchy

Posted by Terri McCormick On October - 21 - 2013

Who swims in the political stream of politics? Is there a specific gender or personality stereotype that best fits the job of politician? Amid Associated Press reporters and citizen accounts, there is a public gauge of politics and politicians that does not favor the status-quo party structures of either party.

The Political EcosystemIn March 2006, Max Bowen, a citizen of Neenah, Wisconsin, wrote an opinion column for the Appleton Post Crescent newspaper: “The GOP’s Top-Down Style Is Unfit for Democracy!”

Bowen observed:

“Since 2000, the GOP has been run like a street gang. All power is vested in the leaders, and others are to follow with unquestioning loyalty. Talking points are sent from above, and loyal followers are expected to stay on message. Dissent from the ranks is not tolerated.”

Bowen goes on to say that “this approach belongs in a monarchy or dictatorship; it is a poor fit for a democracy. We have all paid a price. In a democracy, the rule is let the people decide.”


Washington DC Associated Press reporter Larry Margasak wrote on May 21, 2006:

“The public increasingly disapproves of the ways legislators behave. For the first time since the Abscam scandal a quarter-century ago, multiple lawmakers face criminal and ethics investigations that are tarnishing Congress. Already, public views of Congress are low, with bribery, conspiracy, corruption, misuse of public office and other scandals mounting in Republican leadership ranks.”

New York University professor Paul Light, quoted in Margasak’s article, noted, “It’s like members of Congress don’t have any shame! … It is as though an entire generation of Americans have grown up viewing congressmen in orange jumpsuits.”


We have all heard the term “living in a fishbowl” as it refers to politicians living under the watchful eye of the public and the press, but there is a hierarchy to living in the political ecosystem as well. The front rows in both political parties have a pecking order and a spoils system that determine who is rewarded and who is punished. Party leaders who sit in the front rows of Congress and in our state legislatures determine which ideas get heard in the form of a bill, which ones go to committee and which ideas ultimately are voted on and become law.

It is the use of this front-row system, on each side of the political aisle, that the pecking order is decided. The humans living in the political ecosystem have one main objective: to be reelected. If the party in charge is not reelected, it changes which leaders can sit in the front row, which interest groups will be partners in writing legislation, and which political groups will be called upon to donate to the majority party in power.

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