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Posted by Terri McCormick On May - 6 - 2009

mccormickLet the Debate Begin!

Corruption, Scandals, imprisonment and finger-pointing … have framed the American economic and political landscape for the past four years. The result has been an economic collapse and an imploding ‘political class’ scrambling for the delete button on mismanaged television messages and talking points.

To the disdain of party bosses, this debate is a mounting tug of war between those that would cling to the ‘pay for play’ politics of greed, and those that would return America to the Constitutional Republic of the people.
The power of the internet and emerging social technology has made it possible for the public to self educate and lead in business and government as they never have before.  George Lucas recently said this in regard to the opportunity of new technologies, “Americans are now using media to communicate with each other instead of sitting passively watching their life go by.”

We are taking photos form our cell phones, publishing them on face book, interacting globally with linked in, responding to international crisis by changing our careers and moving abroad, and publishing our ideas on e-book using e commerce to market those ideas.

Traditional views of American and Global Citizenship is quickly fading just as quickly as the ‘political class’ control over political candidates and politicians. Further, media spin and control of message through traditional multi-media sources has been derailed due to 21st century interactive technologies. A call to arms in an intellectual war of words calls on the “New We” – as a New American Revolution is now underway.

Beginning today – we will provide a vehicle for discussion on major policy ideas. We ask you to use thoughtful conversation, credible research, news reports and insightful commentary on the issues of; jobs and the economy, excellence in education, alternative energies, news and world views, and the future of our two party system.

The stakes are high; we will seize the challenge and rely on the ideas and innovations of our participants and contributors.

“At this moment of incredible crisis and great necessity for the American people, we must not lose sight of the fact that the tailwinds of greed and corruption have brought us to this point in our history.”
– Terri McCormick

Speak Up — Get Involved – Lend Your Ideas and Solutions – and Let the Debate Begin!

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