“What Sex is a Republican?” Authored by Terri McCormick

Posted by Terri McCormick On August - 13 - 2012
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“What Sex is a Republican?” tears down the stereotypes and barriers of gender politics in modern day account of a profile in courage.

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What Sex is a Republican takes a look at the political game from behind the curtain with one intention: to call on each of us to serve in our local, state and federal government.

The principles of Republican government have been lost on the money changers in our state and national capitols.

There is only one way to change that; we the people must take responsibility for what our government has become, while we weren’t looking.

Benjamin Franklin said it best as he was leaving Liberty Hall upon signing the Constitution when asked, “what kind of government did the delegates create?” “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

Terri McCormick honored for excellence in government relations by Cambridge's Who's Who industry experts